What Is POS? How Can It Be Incorporated in The F&B Line?

What is POS?

POS stands for point of sales and deals with front end or front office sales and retail services. POS deals with customer facing activities which are also the point or time in which a sales or deal closes hence the name point of sales. Only once you get face to face with a customer can you actually conclude with a sale if the customer is happy and satisfied with the product or service that you are selling him

How is POS different from ERP?

POS is actually the opposite of ERP. ERP or enterprise resource planning deals with managing the different departments and back end operations of an enterprise to effectively coordinate and integrate these back-end services with the front end services of the enterprise. POS Singapore deals with front-end services and is more customer facing services which take place at the point of making sales with the customer.

How can POS be incorporated in F&B?

The food and beverage industry is booming nowadays and is one of the largest and fastest industries currently. Companies are now incorporating a lot of technology in their POS services to customers such as e-menus and e-billing services at restaurants and all other kinds of eating places. In order to reduce costs and improve efficiency, a lot of hotels and restaurants are doing away with having waiters take a customer’s order and are in fact leaving all the work to the customer now with the use of tablets that are incorporated with a special type of software or technology to help make their restaurant dining experience a memorable and convenient one.

What is an E-menu? How does it work?

E-menus are the latest kind of technology being incorporated into POS services of large F&B enterprises and organizations. Using latest technology like Konverge, customers can now use tablets placed at their tables to browse through the restaurant menu, choose what they want and place their order quickly and conveniently without the muss and fuss of signaling out to a waiter amongst a busy crowd of people and waiting for several annoying minutes before your order can actually be taken.

The orders once placed on the tablet are sent directly to the display screen or system in the kitchen and the billing is automatically calculated in the system too. This ensures much more efficiency, speed, and accuracy in taking orders and billing customers correctly. This also helps in preventing stock wastage and overall ensures a much greater standard of quality and professionalism in any enterprise or workplace.

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